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Project Description
Linq Community Contributions Project is a set of helper classes, providers, and samples for LINQ .NET 3.5 . The project intends to become a base for the developers who want to extend the functionality provided by linq. It is supposed to provide:

1 - A Bunch of Linq to X providers
2 - Extensions and helper classes for the Existing Linq providers, such as Linq to SQL, Linq to XML, Linq to Dataset and many others.

If you have something valuable for you, and you think that it will be to others too - let everybody see your art !

  • .NET Framework 3.5


If you wish to contribute, please drop a line or two to one of the coordinators including:

*Whether you want to contribute as a coordinator or a developer
*What time are you going to be able to spend on the project
*If you have any specific ideas or other sorts of contributions(promoting, recruiting, code reviewing, refactoring etc. ) that you can provide

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